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ATP Atelier was born out of the desire to create shoes and bags that couple contemporary Scandinavian design and authentic Italian craftsmanship. Our mission is to challenge the concept of luxury - to make it smart, not redundant. With a sustainable mindset we set out to create, not just because, but to make a meaningful difference in real women’s lives. ATP Atelier collections are designed in Stockholm and handcrafted in Tuscany, using vegetable tanned leathers whenever applicable.

Handmade / Artisan Crafted
Women Owned
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Our mission is to challenge the concept of luxury - to make it smart, not redundant. We want to inspire women to make smart choices - both for themselves and for the sake of the world they live in. Smart Luxury is the ATP Atelier way of living. A lifestyle which is based on conscious choices, from a socially, ecologically and emotionally sustainable point of view. It may sound pompous and hard to grasp, but it’s really about the little things. It goes beyond the making of our product and speaks to the everyday - to your grocery shopping list, to your travel plans or your habits of recreation and ultimately, to how you feel about yourself. Smart Luxury is not about extravagance or frills - it’s about taking care of you. To allow yourself to not follow the broadest path and to spend your time and money on the things and experiences in life that last, both for your own sake, but also for the world we live in. Let’s focus on the future we want, in our industry and in our world.

Sustainability is the foundation on which our brand is built upon. It's not a trend, it's a given.

Co-founder and Creative Director Maj-La Pizzelli

ATP Atelier lifestyle

Meet Imane Asry, ATP Atelier's boss groundbreaker and Accountant and Leyla Pur Sharifi, our Commercial Director and big-time h-u-s-t-l-e-r. Imane is a trendsetter, not a follower. This requires courage and brains, which she has huge amounts of. Together with killer eyelashes btw. Leyla has played an important part, from day one, building this brand from the ground up. Also, she’s the one who emails you at 4:30 am. Yeah, you know the type...