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Banjanan is designed by industry veteran Caroline Weller. Drawing inspiration from nature, the brand celebrates color and joyfulness. Hand-printed or hand embroidered on organic cotton in India, Banjanan sources and manufactures locally, and adheres to a no-waste philosophy. Special attention is taken in every aspect of the supply chain to create responsible and sustainable decisions.

Women Owned
Handmade / Artisan Crafted
Banjanan hero

Banjanan is hand-printed on organic cotton. It manufactures locally and adheres to a no-waste philosophy.

Bright dresses are having a moment - look no further than Banjanan.


Banjanan lifestyle

"Sometimes the patterns don’t align or the dyes fail to dry and bloom beyond their borders (no printing is done during the monsoon for that reason). It’s the tiny flaws, and the sense of a human hand, that gives them depth." - T Magazine, The New York Times