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Favorite Brand

Beaufille logo

Beaufille focuses on subtle design details, a nod to craft, slow fashion, and trans-seasonal pieces that can exist in a multitude of climates, occasions and lifetimes.

Beaufille hero

Beau•fille, [bo-fee] n.   Beaufille translates to ‘handsome girl’ and symbolizes the contrast between masculine and feminine elements; the combination of hard and soft. Sisters Chloe and Parris Gordon combine their individual points of view and backgrounds to create thoughtful ready-to-wear and accessories collections that focus on effortless dressing, subtle details, and sustainable slow fashion practices.

We aim to create timeless pieces cut in high quality sustainable fabrics; but not without fantasy.

Chloé and Parris Gordon

Beaufille lifestyle

Beaufille jewelry; semi-precious pieces designed with an edited yet whimsical approach to adornment.