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A perfect t-shirt is basic, timeless and clean. Christina Lehr concentrates on fit and proportion, makes them in beautiful colors from great fabrics, and washes them in a special blend of enzymes to give them a silky feel. We love what we do. We hope you do too.

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One day when Christina Lehr was a teenager living above her father’s SoHo clothing shop, a shipment of costly t-shirts arrived, every one of them defective. Since the shirts were custom-printed, her dad – designer Henry Lehr – couldn’t return them to the manufacturer. “Let me try to fix them,” Christina said. She’d been studying pattern-making, cutting, draping and sewing at the School of Fashion Design, and thought she spotted possibility in the twisted seams. “My dad uses the term ‘creative destruction,’” she said. “Night after night, I ripped out those seams and re-sewed every shirt by hand, integrating the factory’s mistake into a whole new look. The shirts sold out in three days.” Today, customers who wear Christina Lehr pieces know why. From thoughtful designs to superior fabrics to the family-run factory in Belgium that manufactures her line, Christina Lehr’s eponymous line is always a cut above.

My dad once told me that design without technical knowledge is just doodling.

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