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Our mission is to keep the heart of denim beating in Los Angeles. We design and produce high quality jeans that are sustainability-focused and Made in LA, all at a price that is nearly 40% more affordable than our competitors by delivering them Direct-To-Consumer, cutting out the retailer and their markup.

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Los Angeles and denim go hand in hand. After working in the LA denim industry for 19 years, CQY founder and die-hard Lakers fan Samuel Ku is more than a little invested in seeing his hometown keep its reign as perhaps THE most important city in the world as it pertains to denim. So when he saw the troubling trend of brands leaving Los Angeles factories for cheaper production overseas (yet charging customers more and more every year), his mission was clear: start a denim line that focuses on his community and really shows what the best factories in the world can do, and do it with a focus on sustainability. CQY (pronounced koi) was born.

15 million pairs of jeans informed our perfect fit.

Samuel Ku, Founder

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