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Esquivel is an expression of timeless and modern design, crafted for clients who understand and appreciate the passion that is behind every detail of our work. Our products are made using time-honored traditions paying tribute to the art of handcrafting. The techniques we employ ensure an aging process that captures the personal patina of its owner for years of enjoyment.

Handmade / Artisan Crafted
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We are not fashion shoes for women based on current fads; each item in our line has a unique finish and quality that comes from our hearts, not from a trend. We are not for everyone because we are not merely a product. We are made to tell your story. Est. 1994

... a modern aesthetic with a timeless sensibility, all with a Southern CA, casual sophistication.

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We achieve a perfectly imperfect product through our process of cutting, sewing, coloring and finishing, all of which are accomplished by hand at our atelier in Downtown L.A. Each pair is as unique and individual as the woman who wears them.