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House of Fluff is an animal-free, earth-friendly, faux fur brand and innovation studio based in NYC. Referred to in VOGUE magazine as the most “incredibly glamorous but blissfully guilt-free" products, all House of Fluff coats, jackets, and accessories have the same level of style, warmth, and quality as real fur for a fraction of the cost.

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We believe modern luxury is about pushing the boundaries of sustainable development while creating the most beautiful products possible. We never use animal fur or animal leather, and are actively working with scientists and suppliers to find new solutions in the world of material innovation. Together we can create a new moment in fashion, one that sees wearing animals as obsolete and caring for the planet as always in vogue. We may be all about the ethics, but we also love style.

Incredibly glamorous but blissfully guilt-free


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Our animal-free mink coat it meant to be worn as an enduring symbol of conscious luxury. This weightless but warm coat is a more sustainable, luxurious, and cruelty-free version of the real thing.