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We never sacrifice on quality. Instead of a $20 shirt you'll have to trash at the end of the season, we use the best Pima cotton in the world to create everyday essentials that will hold up for years, are easily washable, and won't shrink or lose their softness over time.

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For the longest time, 'what should I wear' has been a stressful compromise. If we need to look polished, we suck it up and put on a suit and tie or dress and heels. If we want to be comfortable, we guiltily throw on some loose sweatpants and a flimsy tee. That's why we started Jason Scott: to create the kinds of things we'd actually want to wear everyday. We're blurring the lines between high quality fashion and informal hangout wear. We're combining casual, understated designs with exceptional fabrics and beautiful tailoring to make insanely soft clothes that will look great and last for years. Our pieces are as perfect for a cross-country flight or a night around the campfire as they are for a meeting with a new client or dinner with the parents. So finally, people can stop worrying so much about what to wear and simply get out there, let loose, and go.

Softest t-shirts in the game.

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We've created a line for the easy going lifestyle. Our effortless everyday pieces combine a casual sensibility with a classic, timeless design.