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Jonathan Cohen

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With parents from Mexico and a San Diego upbringing, Jonathan Cohen was a product of the cultural heritage he was exposed to growing up. The Mexican prints and colorful patterns, the laid-back ease of the San Diego surf culture and the modern city approach manifested in what the brand has become. Cohen met business partner Sarah Leff while attending Parsons School of Design. Together, they selected a group of editors and stores and sent out their materials to gain market reaction. The attention was organic and built slowly with the conversations evolving as did the Jonathan Cohen woman. She’s an artistic female who values the story of the brand and the pillars in which it is built upon, a multi-dimensional woman who cannot be defined by a singular quality She is someone who has many facets which help to shape her sense of self and awareness, a woman who values quality over quantity, values the craftsmanship that goes into creating her garment, she feels both unique and special.

She is someone who is very complex, and cannot be defined by a singular quality.

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Jonathan Cohen