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We founded les girls les boys for minds and bodies of all ages to celebrate boundaryless connections. We are a shareable label. We believe only you should choose what, who or how you are. It doesn’t matter to us, and it shouldn’t matter to anyone else either. Les girls one day, les boys the next. Les boys up top, les girls down below. Our bed to streetwear celebrates the fluidity of love and friendship, cross cultural mind-sets and diverse identities.

Women Owned
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Our collections are a revolving turntable of people and clothes and layers. They’re an attitude, a feeling, and a belief that being who you are is enough. We don’t care about labels or definitions. They are irrelevant. What’s relevant is you, us, our communities, and the global collective of thought and feeling. les girls les boys seeks to build a community that harnesses this collective power and creative potential to galvanise changing attitudes into bold ideas and newfound freedoms. It’s time for a shift. There are no rules here. Play around with it, find what feels good, and go with it. We’re looking at apparel differently. From bed, to street, our lifes blur from one to the other in a subtle layering of clothes, accessories, attitudes, and styles. Day turns to night, turns to friends, turns to play, turns to work, turns to home, turns to new places rich with possibilities. We share items with friends, lovers, companions, and blur the edges of defined concepts or coding.

Love yourself, love your body and shape, love your identity & share that love with the world

Serena Rees MBE - founder and Creative Director

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At the centre of our bed to street ethos is comfort and durability, paired with self assured individuality. We create quality garments that stand the test of time. 80% of our fabrics are bespoke and chosen based on the end-use for each item. They don’t exist anywhere; we imagine them, then make them. We know our sourcing routes, and the excellence and care from the places they are made. We’ve chosen them to ensure we meet both industry, and our own, standards that we’re proud to stand by.