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Restrained design, simplicity of silhouettes and an edited color palette define the latest collection from Little Liffner. Taking cues from ‘90s fashion, Paulina Liffner von Sydow imbues her handbags with polish and soft power. Perhaps no one represents ‘90s sensibility better than Wynona Ryder. With her effortlessly cool attitude and unique personal style she is simultaneously strong and fragile—the two qualities Paulina found irresistible when drafting her AW’21 collection.

Handmade / Artisan Crafted
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Little Liffner combines contemporary, Scandinavian design with traditional, Italian craftsmanship. Twisting the traditions of modern minimalism, Little Liffner brings a playful perspective to bag making through the implementation of sculptural shapes, thoughtful pops of color and a strong attention to detail. Little Liffner's mission is to become the leading leather goods brand in Scandinavia. Built on the foundation of offering subtle statement items, each creation has a 'less is more' approach and takes inspiration from timeless wardrobe staples

We create subtle statement bags that doesn't come with a two week vacation price tag

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