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Inspired by the architecture, culture, and history of New York City, Lowercase frames are the ideal intersection of quality craftsmanship and thoughtful design. Meticulously handcrafted in our Brooklyn workshop, they specialize in small batch production using only the highest quality material. Defined by a modern aesthetic with uncommon attention to detail, every design is unique and allows artistic expression for the individual.

Handmade / Artisan Crafted
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Built out of a love for eyewear and an appreciation for true craftsmanship, Lowercase was established in 2016 in the historic Brooklyn Army Terminal. We founded the company with a mission: to once again localize the trade of eyewear to the US. And we are doing it right here, in NYC, with a small but selected group of designers and craftsmen. We believe the best products are made when there’s an intimate knowledge of the process that makes them. We take an immersive approach to design and production, sourcing the best materials and employing both new technologies and hand-finishing techniques. Most importantly, each step of our 30-step process – from design to delivery – is done in our workshop. Nothing leaves our hands until it’s on its way to you. Our collection offers flattering and refreshed takes on classic silhouettes, with each design embodying its own particular story. With the details of the frames playing to each theme, you truly are wearing a piece of New York.

I can hardly wear any other sunglasses because they are THAT GREAT.

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Each and every Lowercase frame is crafted by hand in our Brooklyn workshop. We maintain the highest level of quality by doing everything ourselves, from design to delivery. We specialize in small batch frames, believing that products should be a long term investment and objects to be cherished. Every detail is intentional, every joint and edge impeccably finished. Nothing leaves our hands until it’s on its way to you.