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Merlette is a Brooklyn based atelier creating thoughtfully designed garments with the modern woman and her everyday life in mind. Merlette was founded in 2016 by designer Marina Cortbawi, with a dedication to refining shape, texture and details into a sense of empowered femininity by creating garments that allow women to feel elegant and at ease.

Handmade / Artisan Crafted
Women Owned
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To honor the responsibility that comes with bringing new designs into the world each part of a garments process is approached with thoughtfulness. Merlette is known and loved for the use of all natural high-quality materials and bespoke finishes such as embroidery and smocking. Merlette recognizes quality, versatility and timelessness to be the most impactful approaches to responsible fashion design today and luxurious cottons, versatile wools and airy silks will always be favored in the collections.

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Marina Cortbawi creates pieces that women keep coming back to for their effortless beauty, hybridity and comfort. Designs that are essential, yet refined and perfect for building a timeless wardrobe. The handfeel, how it makes you feel and even the way it sounds are as important as the piece itself. These elements put together create the unique sense of freedom a Merlette garment will give you.