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Nomasei is a Parisian sustainable luxury shoe brand founded on the commitment to crafting timeless and high quality products, while being respectful, ethically engaged and transparent in the process. A complex but essential piece of the wardrobe, each shoe is designed in France and made to last in Italy.

Women Owned
Handmade / Artisan Crafted
Nomasei hero

After meeting at Chloé and counting 30 years of experience in the most prestigious Parisian couture houses, the duo created Nomasei to reinvent the way to make luxury shoes. “We are not creating collections with a seasonal inspiration, rather wearable evergreen styles. Our goal is to complete a library of essentials working on shoe styles with a strong yet timeless aesthetic. It means we want to be fashionable and stylish but we do not respond to trends, we belong to the slow luxury movement. ” Paule Tenaillon et Marine Braquet, Nomasei’s founders

Former Chloé Colleagues are behind Nomasei, the sustainable shoes brand to know now


Nomasei lifestyle

"We want to be fashionable and stylish but we do not respond to trends. Marine and I are two different women, and the shoes we make represent both of our styles, desires and needs. We aspire to represent a strong and natural femininity, a soft sophistication with a very natural and spontaneous touch. Nomasei’s main inspiration is the italian lifestyle as seen through our French eyes, a modern way of living, between cities and nature." Paule, co-founder and creative director of Nomasei