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We set out to change the industry by building clothing in harmony with this planet and taking care of the people we work with while creating durable and desirable products that stand the test of time.

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Sustainability isn’t just talk. It is tireless action, it is constant evolution, and it is pioneering the change that’s needed when there isn’t a clear path. Sustainability is why Outerknown exists. We envision a future where clothing contributes to a world where people and planet prosper. To get there, we are 100% committed to leading the way in responsible innovation to achieve complete circularity by 2030 and advancing fair labor practices in our industry and beyond.

Outerknown is proving that you don’t have to compromise on sustainability or style.

Kelly Slater, Founder & 11x World Champion Surfer

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Everything we make is equally soft on the body and soft on the planet, so you can feel good wearing Outerknown!