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Known for their back stripe embellishments, Still Here is focused on what can happen past fit, wash and wear. Their styles range from hand-painted stripes and hand-woven back panel appliques, to their basic best-selling jean called, the Tate. Many of their jeans are limited editions and sustainable.

Still Here hero

Still Here was founded in 2017 by husband and wife team, Sonia and Maurice Mosseri. Using their wedding gift money to fund the first production, they were able to launch their best-selling jean, the Tate, at Barneys New York back in 2018. Shortly after, they launched with Net-A-Porter, Bergdorf Goodman and Revolve. Based out of New York, Still Here produces all of their products in small, family run facilities in both LA, California and Guatemala.

The best high waisted jean to make you feel like a model off duty

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