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Sylven logo

Challenging the notions of traditional footwear production by redesigning our plant-based and vegan shoes from the inside out.

Sylven hero

Sylven New York is a plant-based and vegan designer footwear brand. Through our holistic approach to reducing our impact on the planet, we work exclusively with nature-derived renewable materials like vegan apple leather made from organic apple waste and insoles made from coconut husks. Our timeless and distinct styles are handcrafted in the world’s best Italian factories. While we are working to revolutionize our sustainable footwear from the inside out, more than anything we exist to empower women to make intentional decisions. Design connects us all, and we equally prioritize style, quality, values, and integrity.

Comfort? Check. Style? Check. Sustainable design? Hell yes.


Sylven lifestyle

Bon Appetit Magazine's first ever vegan chef Chrissy Tracey wearing our vegan apple and coconut Mel sneakers.