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Triarchy exists to outfit our customer with the best pair of jeans possible. In every sense of the word best.

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Triarchy leads the way in sustainable denim manufacturing. We use organic cotton and natural dyes alongside the worlds first plastic-free stretch denim, all washed sustainably using a combination of e-flow, ozone, and lasers to make authentic vintage looking denim without the harmful processes that to date have sadly been a staple in denim manufacturing. We then offset the remaining carbon footprint from each pair of jeans via a tailored carbon offset program that contributes a portion of each sale to three different global projects. This makes Triarchy a carbon neutral brand. Lastly, we provide total transparency on to our supply chain via a 3rd party audited and block chain verified supply chain map that is publicly available for interacting alongside the positive impact statements of each of our products sustainable manufacturing practices and their carbon offset project verifications. (All verifications are done via 3rd party auditors Greenstory and Retraced.)

Triarchy is blazing a path for sustainable luxury.


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COREVA™ Technology is the world's first biodegradable elastomer developed and patented by Candiani Denim, using GOTS approved plant-based yarn obtained from 100% natural rubber. It's made of 96 percent organic cotton and 4 percent COREVA™, this denim only uses natural rubber and not synthetic, petrol-based elastane to achieve this eco-friendly stretch. Why is this important?! Because most stretch jeans are made with standard petrol-based, plastic elastane that wreaks havoc on the environment.