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Chic & modern pieces in gorgeous, handwoven fabrics

Women Owned
Handmade / Artisan Crafted
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Two is a modern & minimalist take on caftans, tunics & easy dresses. Designer, Monica Patel-Cohn launched her collection in 2010 after working under Simon Doonan at Barney’s & at Prada in Milan. Two embodies European and Indian influences evolving from the traditional sari, creating easy pieces in studied fabrics that are perfect for a staycation, vacation and the city. Fabrics range from Khadi hand spun cottons in indigo dyes, to Bangladeshi Jamdani fabrics recognized by UNESCO for their intricate, handwoven details. Since 2010, Two has been making unique one-of-a-kind pieces that still resonate years later. We are committed to reinforcing the importance of handmade fabrics by supporting weavers, designers & their livelihood. A notable fact regarding sustainable fashion is that handwoven fabrics save 1 ton of CO2 emissions per year per handloom. Our fabrics are apart of a journey & continuous story supported by the culture behind them; this is what makes our products distinctive.

Two emphasizes the importance of sustainable craftsmanship blended with a minimalistic chic approach

Monica Patel Cohn, The Designer and Founder

Two lifestyle

When you think of Two, you feel a certain energy of bliss; the calming warmth from the sun on your skin as you feel centered and grounded in your life. Pictured here our Handwoven two pocket top in a super chic greige, with our handspun cotton Khadi pants.