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Without brave, creative brands, style doesn’t work.

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Brands in control
is the new black.

This is no one-and-done trend. When passion and creativity lead the way, self-expression for all becomes a reality.

That's why we built
behold for a new era
of e-commerce.

One that empowers creative businesses to:

Tell your story.

Beyond apparel and accessories, beholdtm creates space for both brands and customers to express who they are.

Stay in control.

Where you set your pricing, how you handle your inventory and what your brand looks like on beholdtm. All your call.

Bring on better economics.

beholdtm is far more profitable than wholesale, even before guaranteed markdowns. Want details? Get in touch.

Knock it off with the knock offs.

No need to compete with private labels designed to steal your business. beholdtm backs creators, not copiers.

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